Rowenta Precision Valet Garment Steamer

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Rowenta Precision Valet Garment Steamer
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Rowenta IS9070 Precision Valet Garment Steamer

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Have one. Love it!



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Bought this one the second time it was offered, it steams really well, and very fast. Makes getting dressed better

My husband got this for us before our wedding. It steams well, but the handles do not stay together. It is also a bit bulky for the level of work it does. If you want an easy to use, travel style steamer, go with a smaller model. If you want a larger steamer that will be used often, go with something more sturdy.

The review at Squidoo

I have one and it works quite well.

I do wish that there was an attachment available that held the clothes tightly for quick and easy steaming. Other competing products have it built in.

This attachment may exist for this very model, but I just have been too lazy to track it down.

Got this in a previous wooting. It’s gotten a fair amount of use in the last couple of months for de-wrinkling baby clothes in preparation for consignment. It works wonderfully well on most things, although there are some fabrics that just won’t respond to anything short of a steam press. But it’s pretty quick and easy.

Can I pretend to sing into the steam nozzle my favorite Justin Bieber ballad?



I have this one and love, love, love it ! In for a second one as a gift, thank you woot !

Purchased mine on woot back in May it is really great cuts ironing time by 50%.

How well does this do with wrinkly jeans?

Amazon link


decibel level?

Will this take care of dress shirts, or would I still need to press those with an iron?

Did anyone else think this was another vacuum cleaner on first sight?

Product Website Rowenta now offers a slightly different model - the ISO9100.

Video at The Shopping Channel

The Rowenta products are held to a high standard and aren’t cheap.

This looks like a great price. If I didn’t spend a fortune on here and other items in the past two months I would be purchasing this.

A friend has it for 2 years and it’s probably this model. She does her beautiful window dressings with it once a year, her husband’s suits and her clothing that gets a bit wrinkled.

If you can swing it, need it, then go for it. Rowenta appliances are usually highly rated. I didn’t check Ghost’s links as I guess this is at least $50 under retail if not more. I know the prices of Rowenta products, own two of their irons and they’re great too. I paid $79.95 plus tax for one of them at Tuesday Morning and they discount close to half off usually.