Rowenta Precision Valet Garment Steamer

If I put this in my small hall bathroom, will it work as a personal sauna?

I bought one of these from Woot a few months ago. I use it everyday and it works great!

My brother Wooted a similar Rowenta and reported the following:

What the hell is it?

Definitely JUST came back from Kohls after ordering a Conair that looks almost exactly like this for $25.

I was JUST at Bed Bath and Beyond yesterday and this was $150. I ended up getting the compact/travel one for $69.99. Guess which one is getting returned tomorrow!
Thanks Woot!

Let us know how it works?

don’t mind my fast typing misspelling + rambling on off top of my head :>

**SETUP was easy enough, pop the pole in labeled outside and color coded for each side.
Then lock in the poles at bottom by turning these little hand screws (may be tough to turn for sum). My hose was already connected, but just latch and turn. Hanger top pops right on top of the poles.

Now you can extend the pole to height you need and hang your cloths you want to steam, by easily flipping the 4 latches to lock/unlock.

By looking at the unit on each sides, I could see 2 side compartments marked “ATTACHMENTS” with handle pull out. Inside was a handy lint brush, crease holder, and 2 brushes.

**TESTing went well. Filled the water tank with cool water, (wish it had a bottom tank holding handle) for holding the tank upside down while filling - as my humidifier has one which is nice for holding a heavy filled water tank while filling!.
Turned on by tap of the foot pedal. Light came on and it took less than 60sec to produce steam/heat. I was shocked how fast and ExTremely hot it got! Careful can cause 3rd degree burns easily. Steamer Hose can be hung up in between hanger when not using.
Steamed 3 dress shirts and pair of dress pants that where mild to badly wrinkled. All the shirts I got wrinkle free pretty easily. The only problem I was trying to figure out the best way to get the edges of the shirt-bottom, collar, and cuffs without holding it in place & NOT getting burned (I then wore Ove-Gloves which helped). I sat on the toilet (lid closed while steaming, perfect height…needed water etc anyways.
The pants I had on a standard hanger to steam too. But then I changed the hanger and used a Woman’s Skirt Hanger that has 2 clip on the hanger so I could clip the pants by the belt area and hang it long (U can get these FREE at any dept store that uses them). That was the best + fastest way to steam the pants. I would suggest others to get the free hangers too for steaming pants/skirts and other things you wish to use a hanger and clip to hang.

**OVERAll it was faster then an iron, no continued flipping and getting something else wrinkled. I’m really happy overall!
Only needed a little less then a quarter tank of water for 3 shirts and 1 pants. Lint brush was a handy extra…Want to try the brushes later for steam cleaning curtains etc.
The steamer just fit nicely in our towel closet by the bathroom. 6 Month Rowenta warranty too!

Faster and better then ironing, nice hanger holder that extends tall (Fully Extended: 5ft 3in) so you can sit, heats up in 60sec or less, no ironing board, does a great job for wrinkle free cloths.
High steam output and wide diffusion from large steam head for quick and efficient wrinkle removal + steam output control low/med/high. Nice extra attachments; Included fabric, upholstery, lint brush and crease attachments stored in the on-board storage compartment for added convenience. Nice compact size unit. Large Transparent water tank for hours of steaming. A MUST for people that hate Irons + can easily be used for mild steam cleaning (fabrics/couch/bathroom) around the house!

Hard to hold down edges of cloths without getting burned when steaming out wrinkled nasty edges (i then wore OVE GLOVES). Extremly hot like an iron. No bottom water tank handle to hold while filling water (Does have an upright handle). No retractable hose or electric cord. Hose is NOT cool to the touch, its warm to mild hot.

SCORE: B (works great + $75 good price)

UPDATE: to get sleeves you can hold it one hand, or if you have a counter you can lay it down as u steam it (mainly to get the cuffs). For the bottom of shirts and stuff, as your coming down push the shirt
against the pole or hold one side as you come across.

I would say its nice for IRON Haters or for those extremely wrinkle cloths you hate to iron/flip reiron etc :> This makes it simple and ez.

Great and ez. Turn on highest heat setting and Iron out any wrinkles quickly!

I also have this dress shirt that gets extremely wrinkly (i mean looks like a pc-paper crumbled up) and it does an amazing job vs IRON because as u would flip this shirt over to iron, the other side and or arms that I just Ironed would wrinkle again. BUT NOT with this!

Yes mainly what we use it for… my skirts, dress shirts + his suits, ties, dress shirts.

don’t see the need to iron casual cloths that come out of the dryer :>

Almost no sound. my hus sleeps while I steam.

bought one here, loves it and uses it much more often than she ever did/does an iron!

it interests me how, when free of the context of size, the lines of today’s kids.woot and this steamer delicately echo each other.


I send all my cotton winter shirts to the cleaners because of the wrinkles from the dryer, especially in the coller. Will this take out all those wrinkles?


I bought one of these last time. Haven’t ironed since and works like a charm. I use the third and highest setting for cotton dress shirts because they’re stubborn.

What this package is missing is a stiff piece of board to insert into the breast pocket. Without that piece, it is impossible to get wrinkles out of that pocket

Yes, it’s great for wrinkles even in those cotton dress shirts. However, if you want creases in the sleeves, get out the iron. I’ve used the commercial units that retail stores have and these Rowenta units are pretty good.

Yes I use it for all my husbands cotton dress shirts. However the sleeves don’t get the nice “ironed” look since the hand held thingy does not work well.

Didn’t anyone else find this photo just a little disturbing?

Bought this for my girl, months back. She loves it! The thing works amazingly well. Great value, for the price.

If you wear suits daily this will save you a ton. Not only can you reduce the frequency of dry cleanings, steaming is much easier on the fabric. Except for stains most people take suits to the cleaners just to freshen them.

I also use it every other time on my dress shirts so I cut that part of my cleaning bill in half.

Finally, dry cleaning is very rough on silk ties, so this will freshen them up and keep them looking good longer.

I have easily saved enough in 6 months to pay for this.

Bought one of these last time Woot had them and we LOVE it! We hardly ever turn our iron on anymore, and steaming is so much faster. Even my teenage kids use it regularly. If you own clothes then you should own this steamer!

Can I use this to combat a bed bug infestation?