Rowenta Precision Valet Garment Steamer

Damn and it’s not quite time for lunch yet.

ugh another 30 mins

This is not the droid I’m looking for!

woot take forever to sell item right when class starting

Best gift ever! No more wrinkled polo shirts.


Apparently the guys at Woot want to take an early lunch.

And here I was just going to say -

“Well, there’s lunch”


take an early one or go get it now lol

… definitely a steamer.

But I don’t have any valet garments…

where is the guy with the manual ?

Why would I want a Varmint Steamer? I like my varmints DEEP FRIED!

Hee hee - thanks for the giggle!

Previous Woot

Product Website

Is anyone having issues with the pages not updating when they hit refresh? At first I was only having trouble with the main page but now I’m having trouble with the community page as well. :frowning:

If 70 of you give me $1 via paypal i will buy one. is my name

i was lured into a false sense of security with the baby monitor and voip thing - now I’m stuck here at the computer during lunch.

I take it back - thought there were only a few of these but no they seem to be stuck in the 90% range! yay lunchtime!!

fuck a steamer so much more work then an iron, or does my steamer just suck?