Rowenta Precision Valet Garment Steamer

Got this in the last woot offer … Love it! Just used it tonight as a matter of fact.

It’s a steal at $50 … 1/3 of retail.

I’ve never understood these. Why would I ever want one versus a quick pass with a cheap steam iron like the one in my house or in pretty much every hotel room?

On a side note, was it just my imgination or did they actually sell exactly zero of the flatware sets and just one of the vastly overpriced fans?

Been looking for a garment steamer for a while. There haven’t been too many reviews online, but the few I read says it’s a great product. In for one.

Kind of looks like a StarWars character, or a character that didn’t make the cut.

I got one from woot over a year ago. It is great and still works well!

I bought this last time to replace a 10+ year old Steam Fast (aka Jiffy Knockoff) that I’ve been breaking bit by bit for the last 5 years.

That one was hotter, had more forceful steam, and took up half of the floor space. Unfortunately it was to the point of being a heating unit with a hose and a hanger.

For this price, this one wins. For full price I’d buy a Jiffy instead.

$149 on Amazon. mMostly good reviews. A number of bad ones, but many of those look to be from people who didnt understand the steamer concept. in for 1

got one last time…it works great for steaming…not so great as a Segway

The Amazon link seems to be a slightly different model (IS9100 versus IS9070). I’m not sure what the differences in the models are.

I guess this could be used to de-wrinkle that Santana hat??

A “quick pass” with an iron has nothing on the quick pass that a steamer provides. There’s no laying the garment out on the table, making sure the iron isn’t spitting out calcium bits, and worrying about putting creases in the wrong spot. With a steamer, you just hang the item and wave the wand around it for a few seconds. Done.

Why would you steam your valet? Don’t you think that would compromise the safety of your car when it is in his possession?