Rowenta Pro Master Iron - Blue

Rowenta Pro Master Iron - Blue
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Time to check out the product page and check out the warranty

Is there any information as to where this iron was made? Apparently they can be made in Germany or China and there is a difference in quality between the two. Would like to know where this was manufactured.

For others interested - made in Germany is better quality than made in China.

I’ve been looking at review all day as my iron just died, and not seeing good reliability on either german or china made units.

The Auto Shut-Off is a deal-breaker for me. The darn things shut off too often while I’m still ironing and I gotta beat the thing like crazy to get it to come back on. Makes a 2- or 3-minute ironing task turn into 2 or 3 times as long because of the blasted shut-off. I’m about to hot-wire mine!

I pinged the buyer; I’ll update you when I hear back.

According to Rowenta’s product page it’s made in Germany.

This model is DW8181, you linked the DW8080. Close in numbers but there is usually a reason why the numbers are different.

Ugh. Do people still iron clothes?

In the photo, the iron has “Made In Germany” printed on the side. Still not entirely conclusive, but if this is the Chinese version, the photo should be changed.

It’s also odd that this particular model doesn’t show up on Rowenta’s website…

How much is the voltage of this product?

can i know the voltage on this model? is it 100-240V?

I sew professionally and have this iron. I can’t live without it. I bought it after using it on a national theater tour work call for a major production. The auto off takes about 30 seconds to reheat.

The iron is made in Germany.

Rowenta makes the very best irons.
When I first bought mine I could not believe the difference from previously owned irons. Buy this
iron, you will love it! ( I hate ironing but it is not bad at all when using this) faster and stronger than anything else.

Seconding the Rowenta love. I occasionally sew for a hobby, and a had an old plastic-fantastic Sunbeam that I inherited from my mother-in-law when she moved house. It worked okay, but after getting a job in a craft store where the owner swore by Rowenta irons, I immediately started watching my local JoAnn’s like a hawk. As soon as they had a sale that included irons (which is somewhat uncommon for them) I snapped up the base model and I’ve never looked back. Heavier, better made, more even heating, better shaped, and all around just a pleasure to use.

Rowenta Irons are the BEST irons made. I’ve been ironing my work clothes for 15 years with Rowenta and tried Shark just to be daring and it failed me! I’m buying this one!

I also use a Rowenta for hobby sewing and just regular ironing when it’s necessary. Mine’s an older model, but I really like it and it’s held up for years. The steam burst is a nice feature for getting rid of set-in wrinkles.

is this iron the same as the dw8080? and why is the number different and why doesn’t this one show up on the rowenta website??