Rowenta PU4020 Air Purifier with HEPA Filter

Rowenta PU4020 Air Purifier with HEPA Filter


The description here does not agree with the description on amazon

There it is stated that the filter has cadr 75 (CADR Dust = 84cfm, Pollen = 97cfm, Smoke = 75cfm), while here it states 164.

It seems that the information in this listing is for Rowenta PU6020, not the 4020. Which model is being sold?

Can someone from woot answer this question? In addition to the description all of the photos are from the XL 6020 model too. I’ve previously purchased 2 6020 models and love them, looking to get 1-2 more. Which model is for sale 4020 or 6020?


Any information about if it is the 4020 or the 6020?

Hi there. We were selling the PU4020 model. We’ve updated the bullet for the cadr rating for the next run. All other information was correct.

Sorry for the confusion!