Rowenta PU4020 Air Purifier with HEPA Filter

Rowenta PU4020 Air Purifier with HEPA Filter

Thumbnail looked like an old flip-phone. Mildly disappointed.

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it’s about the size of one, since it’s only 21" tall…

I just bought an air purifier that says in the manual that it leaks ozone and shines dangerous uv light from a bulb that has to be replaced often. Are either of those mechanisms involved in this unit?

In one paragraph it says…

  • (snip) for spaces up to 835 square feet

In another paragraph it says…

  • Covers up to 240 Sq. Ft (snip)

Which is it???

Also, who the heck wants “mood lighting” on their air purifier. Can that be turned off?

Checking on your first question. The linked manual answers the light question on pages 7-8.


Update: Looks like 240 sq ft is correct.

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The Amazon site ( indicates that the P4020(U2) model is for “for spaces up to 116 Sq. Ft.” and “CADR Smoke = 75cfm.” Seems that the description on the Woot page is for the (larger) PU6020(U2)model. Also the photos of the device on the Woot page appear to match the P4020(U2) model on the Amazon site. Would it be possible to verify whether the description is incorrect on the Woot site? Thank you.