Rowenta Silent Comfort Compact Heater

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Rowenta Silent Comfort Compact Heater
Price: $34.5
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Condition: New


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OK Amazon ratings. Would be nice for the workplace since it’s always 50 degrees below 0 in here 365 days a year. Unfortunately, no space heaters allowed. You can bring mini-fridges and electric teapots, but no space heaters.

Hm, should I buy this instead of the two $10 heaters I got 2 hours ago?

The power draw can easily overtax the circuit. The typical 20A circuit in commercial isn’t used by just one person.

Fridges and teapots/coffee makers have a short usage duration. Space heaters are in use for longer periods.

At least it’s silent. “What space heater…” :slight_smile:

This is not the heater I need nor want. The one I want looks like a 1080 vidja card… say for about $200. Like this, but better.

It’s all fine until the circuit breaker pops from being overloaded … then they’ll know. :slight_smile: