Rowenta Steamium Iron

**Item: **Rowenta Steamium Iron
Price: $59.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: Refurbished

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Amazon page indicates this is 1800W.

In other words, the electrical circuit this is plugged into needs to be at least 15 Amps or you’ll blow fuses or breakers.

I think most new (2009+) homes are at least 15 Amps if not 20 Amps.

Just FYI.

Let’s check out the product page

“Easy to fill, large 10-4/5-ounce water tank”

Disappointed…I was really looking for an 11 oz. water tank…

Oh, very funny, Woot.

(Today’s derby winning shirt is Ironing Man.)

So I have this same model iron that I got on Amazon new for $125. Best. Iron. Ever.

Absolutely love the thing. Easy fill water hole. Fast to heat up. And steam is it’s forte. Never buying a subpar iron again.

Now if woot would only have an ironing board…

Agree completely. We spent about $120 on this model at a bed, bath, and beyond and have been very happy with it at that price. I’m actually considering buying more as a backup or maybe gifts for a new couple of as our kids move out. I know, boring gift, but hey, it’s a great iron.

It would make a nice gift package.

Now buy both!

My husband is an ironing freak. I just bought him a Reliable C60 The Board Home Ironing Table (179.00 on amazon). It was a splurge, but hey, it makes the chore so much better to have the right tool.
And a better iron, will make ironing easier. So I am getting the rowenta iron for him (for Christmas)… I know, pinch yourself.

We have another model Rowenta. I never use it - just too heavy and doesn’t seem to iron as well as our lightweight one. So check the weight on this one.

Also, Rowenta recommends using a ‘mesh’ style ironing board (incase you have the old type).

That being said…if your husband does most of the ironing, this one will be great…my husband loves the Rowenta. (maybe hefting it makes the task more manly?) :wink:

I received my iron today and I must say, this is my first refurb deal that I am disappointed in. I’ve purchased quite a few refurbed items in the past and they have always been like new. This one was very obviously used. The steam and spray buttons are very yellowed on one side, there are scratches all over, and even scratches on the soleplate. Worse yet, I can’t get the trigger, which is supposed to push 30% more steam into the fabric, to do a damn thing. It’s supposed to make some sort of noise (manual says this is normal and NOT a malfunction), but the one I got does absolutely nothing. It says it can take a few seconds for the steam to start. I held the button in the entire time I ironed 3 shirts, and still nothing. I like the iron itself, but these issues are quite bothersome. I will be contacting Rowenta about this issues and filing a warranty claim because I believe it is defective.

ordered it, it arrived DOA… :frowning:

Drat, I’m sorry. Please email for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.