Rowenta Ultrasonic Warm Mist 360 Humidifier

Comments from a previous offer

Good reviews (3.8 out of 5.0) over at

Purchased this from Woot about 2 weeks ago. Works as advertised; a recommended buy.

is this new/ or refurbished

Hi there. We list the condition under the price. This is new.

I love ultrasonic humidifiers, if you don’t want white dust everywhere like you get in the bathroom because of the shower humidity, use distilled water, it isn’t cheap, but you only have to clean the unit once a season. We will use up to $100 in distilled this winter, but it saves me literally hours and hours of cleaning over the winter.

I use the RODI water for my fish tank and I recommend it since cleaning these things is awful.

95 degrees is not hot enough to kill bacteria in the water tank… actually I think that temperature would encourage bacterial growth. Not a good idea.

Works ok, needlessly complicated. I have another ultra sonic humidifier that was half the price and it puts out twice a much moisture.