Royal Cook Mini-Chopper 2-Pack


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More kitchen stuff!
…guess I’d better take a closer look. Might even be able to use a pair of these, though they’re obviously pretty limited compared to my Cuisinart woot from a few months ago.


Got one…They are great…Awesome price!


Woot. Don’t need it, but got on first page with my first post!
Get Here Too!


No thanx. OK, maybe a couple to use as cheap Christmas presents for those, you know, special relatives! :>)


This blowS


grr dont need one of these
not bad price though


I stayed up for a mini chopper? Geesh!


save for boc


I stayed up for this :frowning:




WOOT (This space available) ™!!! You have one that you think is good enough to have up? PM me here and if it makes the cut, I’ll use yours. [:)]

WOPPER (credit to mbarchok)™ - a chopper sold on woot. It cuts up vegetables, or grass, or small children that get too close. And it does a damn good job for the price.

Nice woot! I’m in for 3!

Now that you are getting the chopper. How about some pots and pans to cook in?

$571 of Calphalon cookware for $87 that’s 85% off

Calphalon Cookware for $87


ugh… already got one, not a bad price tho


cool if you can get your wife in the kitchen. otherwise why in the he** would ‘I’ want one? Can’t find this anywhere on the net. I guess it’s a good deal though if someone was interested in that sort of thing. Cheap to say the least. Made in China I presume???


Nice looking woot, but not fer me :slight_smile: First page though, gotta love that :slight_smile:


well… inexpensive, but no thanks.



just don’t need it.

First Pager


One of the first pages…

Sucks, I was feeling lucky tonight. Thought I felt a BOC coming on, oh well! always tomarrow I suppose!


chopper my woota$$


First page. Hiya, no need.