Royal Pacific Ceiling Fans

“13-watt GU24 CFL bulbs”

Ugh. I know there is a new(ish) federal law limiting light wattage on ceiling fans, but C’MON! These are way below that. Seriously, ceiling fan manufacturers need to offer some serious lighting options for those of us who want to use it as the primary light source in a room.

Also, the Affinity 4-Blade mentions it is “Light kit adaptable” in the description. It would be nice if 1) they also offered that light kit here so we knew we were getting the right one, or 2) at least offer info on where to get the right one.

Does anybody know how much air these fans move?

Preach on!

At least the gu24s are really expensive compared with medium screw-base bulbs. So there’s that.

I’m looking for a ceiling fan, but I’m going to keep looking. Considering my lack of familiarity with the brand, the lack of light kits, and the price point, I see no strong reason to buy these fans.

We need a few fans for our home but with the low lighting I think I’ll go on to home depot and pay regular price.

not to mention these are kinda ugly.These are gonna be in my home for a LONG time, a couple hundred bucks total to not hate looking up at these is worth it.

The Affinity 1006HS is a discontinued model. I found this out on the Royal Pacific website ( However, they are located in the US (New Mexico, yay!) and have light kits and other accessories available:

Royal Pacific Ltd.
4931 Paseo Del Norte NE
Albuquerque, NM 87113
Ph: 1-800-937-6925
Fax: 1-888-207-9509

I’m not with their company, but just thought I’d give a bit of info for those naysayers on these products. BTW, in for 3 of the Affinity 1006HS (these are a terrific price), WOOT!

If you look up the specs, many of these fans hang low…like 15 inches; on those without a light. On a 8 foot ceiling, these hang with a 6’9" clearance. Way too low for me; especially if you add a light. I even called the company and was told you can’t use a shorter down tube.

These things are shipping fast. I ordered mine the other night. It will be out for delivery tomorrow. Way to make Woot shipping dept look bad in comparison Royal Pacific. :wink:

I got my fan today. Very disappointed. Color of blade looks nothing like the image. The image shows a warm reddish hue. What was in the box was a light brown color. Also the description fails to mention that this is just particle board with faux wood lamination. False advertising. If you say it is an oak blade, then it has to be made of oak! I bought the 1006HS.

That’s a bummer, I’m sorry for the disappointment. Have you emailed Woot Member Services with your order number and user ID yet? They can help go over your options.

I won’t bother as it isn’t Woot’s fault. They were just the middle person in this deal. It was Royal Pacific that wasn’t fully truthful in their description as it shows the same thing on their website. As long as the fan works, it’s good enough. After comparing it to the wood trim in my house, I see it is actually a pretty close match. I am just disappointed it wasn’t what it claimed to be.