Royce Leather Universal Bluetooth Tracking Devices



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Royce Leather Universal Bluetooth Tracking Devices
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check out the product page and perfect reviews over at The O


Why is the thickness of this tool not disclosed (at least not that I found)? I would love to slide one in the old billfold. Invited guests of guests to the homestead can always be a concern after the enjoyment of libations. " Anyone seen my wallet?"

C Gorstanza


Judging by the looks of the keyring hole, plus the fact that it has a replaceable battery, I think it’s got to be around 3/16"…

And hey, Amazon has it listed: Product Dimensions: 2 x 0.2 x 1 inches ; 1 ounces


I’m tired of people stealing my wallet. It comes with instructions on how to make sure the thief never walks more than 30 feet away from you so you can catch him, right?


it’s bluetooth 4.0 so they can walk up to 200 feet from you


Hey all, there’s some really good questiosn and answers over on Amazon.


So for this to be functional I need to 1)notice that my wallet/luggage is missing, 2)hope the thief didn’t move 200 feet or more away, and 3)didn’t remove this subtle device from my stolen item immediately.

I mean it’s pretty subtle, it doesn’t even look like a tracking device (except that it says “Wallet tracker” right on it.)

I think I’ll pass.


I want one that would explode if it got more than 200 feet from my phone!


For instance:

“Trouble is the software is bad, and so is the device (you can read the bad reviews here”


GPS signal lost…

Beep beep beep beep beepbeepbeepbeepbeepBOOM!

“Terrorists win.”


I am an experienced buyer of the Royce Tracker from Overstock.

The Bluetooth Tracker from royce is meant for short distances so you don’t lose it in the house or in a restaurant.

It also has google map directions back to the last known location.

The chirping on this item sucks, so you need to switch it to a song on your iTunes or Music Playlist. Whenever I walk away from my wallet, I have a Rolling Stones song play loudly so I actually hear it.

Also the tracker can find your phone if you don’t have the Find my Iphone app installed.

really cool device given the cheap price. closest thing to a TOMTOM navigation system for your car




Can I glue these to the bottom of the TV remotes to find them when the couch eats them?


I bet that’s what you tell all the girls.


if you want to use it for items outside your house… you will be disappointed. if you lose you wallet, keys or whatever in your home a lot, this is great for you… otherwise there are better products.


Seems identical to the TrackR which is cheaper and has three styles/sizes.


Thanks man, that just pushed me over to the “Oh hell no!” button.
Good job!


Anyone who knows GPS knows GPS STINKS for close proximity tracking.

A Bluetooth Tracker like the Royce Tracker does the job GPS CANNOT perform.

Everytime I lose my wallet or keys whether it’s in a pants pocket or underneath the car seat, the item is within 300 feet.

I bought 2-one for keys and wallet. Unlike you cheap fools, I would rather be safe than sorry…