RSS Feed dead?


Looks like the RSS feed is permanently dead.

My feed reader says the error is HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently. I’m guessing this is in part with the API changes. Will there ever been a new RSS feed?

RSS Feed Broken?

Hi there. We have retired the RSS feed in favor of an updated API.


Two different user bases – API vs. RSS. Hopefully you’ll consider bringing back the RSS feed in the future.


That kinda sucks. I enjoyed not having to load yet another dedicated app that constantly runs in the background to monitor woot.


Yeah, that REALLY sucks. I had the RSS just dump into my email so I could check the deals every day.

This is definitely going to severely decrease the amount of crap I buy from woot, since I won’t be checking the deals every day.


Ditto what others have said. I’ll still see the daily shirt, because I check a shirt-a-day aggregate page regularly, but this basically means unless someone else links me something here I’m not likely to end up making any more purchases because I’m not installing some specialized app on my phone to spam me with notifications and I’m disinclined to manually check every Woot page every day on the off chance there’s something worthwhile.


I also used the RSS feed in my feed reader to keep up with deals as soon as they were posted. Too bad to see the loss of this great tool.


The new feed has some issues… for example, the current “Featured” feed is completely missing anything for Woot Main. It’s pretty frustrating.


Hi there. Did you email about the issue? That’s the best way to report the problem.


I sent it just after midnight, have not heard back.


Ok, they’re not in the office yet and they’re also snowed in. I’ll send an email as well.


So, they’ll have plenty of time to work on it today!


They got it all taken care of yesterday. Thanks!


Why an API instead of a generic RSS feed? I used a newsreader to keep up on what Woot’s offering. I’ve no desire to wrap something around an API. And I’m not going to visit and wade around to see if there’s something that I might want.

Please reconsider your decision.


Could ya’ll stop teasing me, then, and remove the link from your website? Thank you! :kissing_heart:



Oh, uhm, cough. That’s not good. I’ll let the team know.


You say the RSS has been replaced by the API, however, that’s not exactly true. The API team is only giving access to affiliates. Per an email from them:

“Any use, that is outside of our affiliate network needs to be assessed on a case by case basis.”


For some folks (like me) if a site does not have an RSS feed it might as well not exist. Thanks for the memories, Wootazon.


Same here.


Likewise. I also used the RSS feed to keep up with deals daily. I will also no longer be able to do that, and I bought stuff pretty regularly.