RST Outdoor Sunbrella Hammock Bed

**Item: **RST Outdoor Sunbrella Hammock Bed
Price: $99.99
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5/6/2013 - $99.99 - 41 comment(s)

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$99.99 tonight
Product webpage
$299 Home Depot
$284.99 Kmart
$344.99 Camping World

Additional pictures and video (!) over at

Higher capacity, better price at Amazon:

…different manufacturer. Same quality?

Not the same quality. This is a Sunbrella fabric. Also Amazon piece is not available.

doesn’t come with stand or trees

Good job, and thank you woot for not putting it on a stand like the last hammock and getting everyone slightly confused. Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Any one know how far the trees would have to be for this hammock?

you can’t make that comparison because those come with the stand… which is the most expensive part, i’d only buy this if i already had a stand or if i had 2 trees close enough

Advice from someone who slept in a hammock every night for over a year:

Skip this and get one without spreader bars. They are much safer (you can’t fall out) and are infinitely more comfortable.

Here’s a link to mine:

Dang, I only have one tree in my back yard. I don’t see that working out well.

I noticed yesterday there was a hammock with frame on sale at World Market, normally $130, priced at $99, but the hammock wasn’t nearly as nice as this one. I should go find out how much a decent stand will cost.

*edit - looks like a decent hammock stand runs a hundred bucks and up. Yikes.

I got this earlier from woot and hung it up. The posts I put hooks into are about 13 feet across, and I added about a foot of rope to let it swing more freely.

How does this differ from the one a couple of weeks back?

If you’re going to hang this from a tree, consider getting a set of “tree saver” straps to use in attaching.

I love hammocks!

Heading out to practice for next Sunday right now.

(Father’s day… big hint for those who don’t already have hammocks or whose hammocks are threadbare.)

@alderson21, don’t waste your hard earned money on that cheapo crap.

Get a real hammock and real stand - you’ll get years of enjoyment out of it.

@ejeon, 'something for everybody I guess.

I respectfully disagree - hate that rolled up sausage feeling from non-spreader bar hammocks.

If you have a properly sized stand, connected to the hammock with proper, large chains (short), these hammocks are plenty stable. I’ve never come close to falling out.

If your tethers are too long and something like flimsy rope the tendency for the hammock to spin is increased.

Actually, you can.

Home Depot states, “Perfectly fits the Cypress Wood Arc Hammock Stand Patio Furniture by RST Outdoor model OP-WH01BR Frame.”

K-Mart is even more clear with, “BED ONLY; DOES NOT INCLUDED STAND.”

And Amazon has two listings (one for each color) with the stand at $480 and $505, shipped with Prime:

I’m in for one, this looks like a great hammock.

The mistake most people make with traditional hammocks is that they lay in them along the center axis.

If you lay diagonally, you don’t feel like a sausage, and the hammock naturally supports your weight at all points. like it’s supposed to. Spreader bar hammocks don’t do this no matter how you lay in them.