RTE Organic Cooked Rice- Your Choice

RTE Organic Cooked Rice- Your Choice

Any idea on expiration dates?

Only 14.99 on the mothership


Good catch.

Much cheaper on Amazon. What the heck, W00t?


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WOW :scream: :roll_eyes: :open_mouth:

First the wigwam socks, now this!

Ten dollars more? Almost TWICE as much!

I’m a bit curious on their claim of “wild rice”, as that looks nothing like it. Wild Rice is REALLY great, I get it whenever I can (when the Reservation opens orders and such). If this was actual wild rice I’d probably have jumped on it. But this doesn’t seem to even have ‘some’ wild rice, just… it’s just brown rice.

Woo, organic rice is very expensive. I’ll stick to inorganic rice, instead.

My rice is mostly calcium carbonate. It’s great for bones and low carb/paleo friendly.

Hey guys. Looks like we botched the pricing on this one. I’ve sent an email to the team.

“the team”… Shrouded in mystery, this cabal of secretive deal hunters remain in power through manipulating consumers insatiable and irrational need to buy stuff they don’t need for ridiculously low prices.