RTV VEG-N Video Entertainment Generator


I didnt ever get to read what that one was… Quick!


essentially a vga breakout box


that was fast


Got one of these a few woot offs ago. Love it!! It’s great for hooking a video game system (or other RCA input) up to a computer monitor.


Well damnit. I guess I need to stop thinking for a second if I really need things and just start buying


what the hell does this thing do


Track Woot Bringing It To You All Through The Woot Off. Check out our opinion of the RTV VEG-N Video Entertainment Generator. =)

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boo where’s the high def???




Why don’t I click BUY IT when I’m thinking about something I could actually use?


Rabbit ears?


wanted :frowning:


dammit that i would’ve bought… okay, what’s next




Where’s the roomba…I need some sleep.


damnit. that sucks…i wanted this :frowning:


Mainly, gets sold out b4 u bot 1


only 4 woots? c’mon now

who’s the punk that bought 3?? smart guy, he’s gonna make bank if he sells them, they’re msrp’d at $100 each


was that a pass through video capture card?


Been waiting for another one of these for a while now but sadly not at 2:45am. I bought one last time and it works terrific for converting unused monitors into a TV.