Rub-A-Dub-Dub Bath Towels and a Rug

**Item: **Rub-A-Dub-Dub Bath Towels and a Rug
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Well, that title sums it up perfectly.

Has anyone tried these towels out before? I am in need of a new set of towels but have zero idea how to pick some out. I am not even sure what Egyptian cotton is or if it makes a big difference.

The problem with buying towels online is you have no way of knowing how thick, soft, or fluffy they are. I’d suggest spending 30m in a Bed Bath and Beyond just comparing how different towels feel. You might be surprised how picky you can find yourself being.

Also, I’ve found surprisingly good towels at Ikea.

BTW, 30" x 68" is not a “bath sheet” by my definition. It’s just a REALLY long bath TOWEL (like, it will wrap around completely around you twice if you’re a guy with have a 34" waist).

A bath SHEET, in my book, is longer AND wider. Mine are 60" x 38".

Egyptian cotton is softer than regular cotton due to the longer stands available from that particular subspecies of cotton. The plant today is grown in countries other than Egypt. Some people claim that the climate in Egypt adds to the quality of the cotton.

So, the best cotton is Egyptian cotton grown in Egypt. Second best (and more affordable) is Egyptian cotton grown outside of Egypt (like India). Any other cotton is just cotton.

FYI, if you want to impress people just remember this phrase: “Irish linens and Egyptian cotton towels.”

I noticed that these are rated at 700 gsm. That is a high rating which means it’s a thicker towel. Here’s a link that explains gsm.

really good deal… but just the one bath sheet kind of ruins it for me. to get another one, you’d have to get the whole set twice. i don’t need that many hand towels or another rug. oh well…

I’ve purchased great towels off of Woot before. Amazon has a 700 GSM 6-piece towel set selling for $60, so this is probably a really good deal.

tru dat

2 washcloths
2 hand towels
1 rug is ok

but only 1 bath towel?

So I bought two sets in the Charcoal color, and I am wondering if anyone else is having the same problem as me - a large volume of lint is being produced in the dryer? I have washed them three times in cold water, with an extra soak/spin cycle. In addition, they have gone through three full, hot dryer cycles, plus at least three hours of fluff (no heat) dryer cycles to try and remove all of the lint. However, they keep on producing lint in the dryer.

Am I doing something wrong? I tried using the bath towel, and all I got was small, charcoal fuzz balls everywhere. They are really nice, soft towels, but will the lint ever stop?

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I purchased two sets. I washed only one set to see how they would do. The first time through produced a TON of lint. What I was really unhappy about was that one side of the bath sheet unraveled in the washer/dryer. :frowning: It came apart in threads. I sent an email to Woot Customer Service to see what can be done. Now I am hesitant to wash the other set. :confused: