Rubber Band Guns

Seriously? Seven states that you cannot ship to?

WTF is this country coming to? Just put me in a state run dorm where I can have the protection of the state 100% of the time.

Gotta love progressive(or is that regressive)America

It always amazed me that in PA I can buy a firearm but yet paintball markers, bb guns and rubberband launchers are all banned in PA. It’s pretty sad that I can walk around with my glock 19, FNX45 or desert eagle 50AE in open carry stance but if I have a knife, bb gun or paintball marker on me, I am now a felon lol.

Hell, a knife alone is a mandatory 90 day sentence in Philly.

§10-820. Cutting Weapons in Public Places. [180]

(1) Definition.

Cutting Weapon. Any knife or other cutting instrument which can be used as a weapon that has a cutting edge similar to that of a knife. No tool or instrument commonly or ordinarily used in a trade, profession or calling shall be considered a cutting weapon while actually being used in the active exercise of that trade, profession or calling.

(2) Prohibited Conduct. No person shall use or possess any cutting weapon upon the public streets or upon any public property at any time.

(3) Penalty. The penalty for violation of this section shall be a fine of not less than three hundred (300) dollars and imprisonment of not less than ninety days.

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