Rubbermaid 20-Pc Premier Storage Set

We’ve used these for years. They are largely stain free, microwave well with the lid unsealed, and clean up nicely in the dishwasher.

In fact, they work too well. They wander off to the in-laws. Hence, I’m in the market for a third set.

That’s not the Premier set, that’s he standard set. The standard set is no good for tomato based sauces, and tends to develop pits and other stains. The premier set is the clear ones. But even then, this set, with the $5 shipping, is only $1 less than you have free shipping on Amazon for an identical set.

Great deal but it it’s the easy find lid set, not premiere.

Several years ago, I grew tired of my mismatched set of food storage and dumped everything – and bought several sets of this product.

The containers and lids nest well, but require you to take the effort to nest them when putting them away. One thing to note – Most people need the 9 cup, 12 cup, and 15 cup containers (not in this set) for real food storage.

The sizes in this set are good for one-portion size leftovers and daily lunchbox meals.

90 cents cheaper than Amazon. That’s a deal!

Actually, $.89. ha

I bought them just to hold all the other junk I bought from Woot.

I had the cheaper set for a few years, lost lids and staining drove me to buy another set. I found these and bought two of the 28 piece sets and am very pleased. If you are in the market they are great. I like these lids better but they can take some work to get on and staining shouldn’t be an issue.

Store neatly and the lids click in place with the bottom of the containers is you want to stack the lids and the containers on top of one another.

Not super great deal if you have prime but if you don’t you can save a few extra bucks here on Woot!

I am a huge fan of the Premier line. I first got a box from walmart or somewhere else back when it first came out and had the black lids. I just needed to organize my containers and condense it so I pitched most and bought these.
I now have a mix of black and red ones (no blue/teal/whatever else is newer) and I’ve had little issues with cracking or “too tough” lids. I hand wash these, but then they get microwaved somewhat regularly. I’ve had some crack so I’ve used them for other storage (non-liquid/non-food) and they still hold up fine. The lids go on snugly, but my elderly mother with small weak hands uses the same line off of my suggestion and she has no problems with the lids. Also, I want a lid I don’t have to worry about popping open when I’m taking a lunch somewhere. If people are having an issue with these lids going on or off the container, I’ve never seen it.

I have some of these. They don’t last and leak after a few months of use.

Buy the Lock and Lock or similar brands; they have lasted much better.

Best I’ve had. Love these. Don’t last 20 years but what does?