Rubbermaid 3-6' Deluxe Closet Kit

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Rubbermaid 3-6’ Deluxe Closet Kit
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Great reviews (4.9 out of 5.0) over at

I just installed the 4-8’ system in my house a 2 weeks ago and I love it. It really helps you utilize closet space.

The rail MUST be fastened into studs but the upright tracks do not. However, I felt comfortable mounting the racks exclusively into studs. Word of caution: ** you will need more screws (and anchors if you’re not going into studs) for the uprights. **

I’ve hung a ton of these or similar closet organizers. In my previous house, we hung at least 5 of them. All but one of them, we hung solely using the top plate. That is, only the top plate had lag bolts/screws in it. For a smaller hall closet, we also anchored in the hanging parts, as I wanted these not to move from side to side since this was the main coat closet.

This seems like a good price to me, as when you go to a “big box” store and start adding up the price of individual elements, they add up quickly.

I purchased two sets of these about 7 years ago for my walk in closet. I’m a somewhat handy female and at the time was 43 yrs old, my son was 7. The two of us installed it. It was easy! To this day I still LOVE it! It’s strong, sturdy, and still firmly attached to the wall. I have reconfigure it a few times, never an issue. Not one problem with any of it!

The only thing I wonder about is how easy it is to get other parts for this. Many times, you want to rearrange the parts or add new sections. Oh yeah, in the pictures they cut two of the hanging parts. I recommend not doing that, as you may want to use the section you cut off in the future.

Checked online and this same set sells for at least $50 more every place else. For $80 you can’t beat it.

I installed one of these for an 8’ closet and it was fast and easy! Neat and clean looking and really functional!

Home Depot carries lots of the same parts to add on!

I just paid nearly $3000 for a 12’ version of something like this. Trust me…this is a good deal. The crap you do to keep your SO happy.

What does 3-6’ mean. Is it 6feet top to bottom and 3 feet in width?

It means that it fits most 3- to 6-foot wide closets.

I believe 3-6’ means the width of the organizer is adjustable from between 3’ to 6’ so that it will fit more closets easily.

Sure I can. The exact same unit is on sale at Menards through the 29th for $59.99. The 4’ - 8’ version is only $10 more.

Check your local Menards “Menards Project Days Sale” flyer.

Or go here:

I thought it wouldn’t be worth it since I don’t have a local Menards, but I checked anyway.

Wow, even after processing fees and shipping it’s still cheaper than Woot. Thanks for the heads up.

Can anyone find any info/pics on how this might be configured for a 3’ closet? I’ve been searching for something to make the most out of a small 3’ office closet.

$84.99 shipped? It’s currently $73.87 shipped on Amazon, and it has been as low as $63.82 shipped within the last year. The 4’-8’ model has been as low as $86.24 shipped, most recently on May 4.

Price aside, I have this installed in six different closets, and it’s great to work with, much easier than cutting ClosetMaid and sticking rubber cups on the cut ends.

You can be creative with the shelves: evidently the intent is that you’ll use the two overlapping long shelves (A/B) to make a long shelf, and the overlapping short shelves (A/B) to make short shelves, but you can put a long A with a short B and a long B with a short A (they’re labelled) and for me that got me two full-width shelves. Or you can use the shelves as singletons. Lots of options, and same with the hanging bars.

So i have about 8 of these in my house. 1) they are adjustable, that is why it is 3’-6’ the shelves are not cut, they are made to overlap. 2) these are compatible with container store $$$$ hanging systems (not the fascia). I have mixed up a bit in my house and it works awesome. 3) still cheaper at ($76 online)

Another comment: After installing the system in a closet, you will have a lot of extra parts and can probably cobble together another closet (four closets for three) depending on what you used and the width of the closets you outfitted. BUT the key to the whole system is the hanging rail, and Lowes charges $16 for a single 4’ rail, so $32 if you want to attack an 8’ closet. So the rail is the one place where you shouldn’t follow directions if you want to stretch your purchase – if you can cut the rail to length and get some rail pieces from your sets, you can save some money. (Or do two 3’ closets with one set without cutting.) Keep in mind I used the 4’-8’ sets so two sets could do 16’ of closet, meaning I could do three 5’ closets with two sets.