Rubbermaid Commercial Wastebasket 50gal

$589.+ are you kidding?

The price is reasonable. Commercial/industrial grade cans aren’t cheap. I paid $1,000 for a used stainless trash can for my company’s clean room.

I don’t think you can compare a clean room trash can to this one. I don’t see in the description where this meets clean room specs. $1,000 for a used, say… class 10 clean room trash can is acceptable. But this is nothing more than a regular trash can. Unless it comes with a little person inside that runs the trash to the dumpster for you, this price is absurd. It’s not even decorative or rated for being outside in the elements.

I have noticed that Rubbermaid has gone absolutely mental with their prices over the last few years. They are a recognized brand name, yes but they are going to price themselves right into bankruptcy at this rate. Any competition should take advantage of Rubbermaids current level of price insanity and could easily dominate that plastic market. Especially with the availability of 3D printers getting bigger, better and faster every day, I predict Rubbermaid will have to make some serious changes or suffer the consequences. The public retail community will only put up with so much before their loyalty is gone.

Case in point… I needed a shed and didn’t want to have to paint it, so I was looking at plastic ones. The Rubbermaid sheds were more expensive than similar sized plastic units however their construction was far less durable. The unit size I was interested in boasted that it could keep items totally secure because of its ability to be locked (lock not included). I needed to see one in person before I purchased and the salesperson was attempting to sell me on that same pitch. All while discussing how easy it was to assemble. I listened to him go over the various steps for assembly and his final statement was regarding how secure it was. I asked him, “so you say locking this thing is secure, huh?” He replied that it was and that if you had tools of course, you could break in. I asked again if he was sure. He was getting annoyed with me but agreed he was sure. So to prove my point… I wrapped my arms around the front side of the unit…gave it a little wiggle and proceeded to pick the entire thing off the floor base. No tools needed, eh? Certainly the task would be even easier when it’s loaded bc that would help keep the floor on the ground. He had nothing else to say. Secure? Ha. Nope.

I did not buy a Rubbermaid shed. Got a much better built one, used and industrial. All 1 piece. No assembly. For less than a bigger Rubbermaid unit.