Rubbermaid Organization - 4 Styles

Comments from a previous offer

We have a bunch of the 4-shelf closet organizer things and love them. We’ve moved with them multiple times but always find a way to use them.

Does anyone know if the 2 shelf can be hung from a rod or does it have to be a shelf??

This one? It hangs from a closet rod.


Will it hang from shelf as well?

Why is one of the wheels greyed out on the cart?


Why do the dimensions say that they’re all 1/3 of an inch on all sides? Those are some really weird dimensions.

It’s the caption background covering it but I like ghost wheel better so I’m going with that.

Yep, something is wrong there. I’ve emailed to get it updated. Check back here for updates.

UPDATE: Dims are being fixed now.

Awww, darn my luck! I bought the Retrofit Max Cubby Organizer just 5 days ago when it was the appsclusive deal on the Woot app…and I paid $44.99. Now today’s it’s $29.99.


Do the bins come with the Max Cubby?

Yes, the Max comes with 4 fabric cubbies.

Thanks debraae.
Guess I’ll have to grab one.

Confirmed. Thanks Debra!

The pictures show them hanging from shelves.
Also, description states “Using with existing wood shelves, brackets are made to fit shelves measuring 5/8 - 3/4 in. thick x 12 in. deep.”

Welcome! :slight_smile:

I ordered these last time from woot. They came with a total of 4 shelf brackets, not 24 as it should have. I contacted Rubbermaid and they sent them to me.

Does anyone know what the height is of the 4 Shelf Closet Helper when put together?

Be sure to pay attention to the size of the storage cart. I knew its size when I ordered it last round but some were very surprised. It’s much smaller than one would guess. I’ve got a bag of potatoes on the bottom shelf; a bag of onions on the middle shelf; and a huge box of Milk-Bone dog biscuits on the top…and it still rolls under the end of my counter. I really like it but just be aware of its size :slight_smile: