Rubie's Avengers:Endgame Deluxe TeamSuit

Rubie's Avengers:Endgame Deluxe TeamSuit

What does standard sizing correlate with on their sizing in the product picture?

Standard appears to be medium .


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Does one purchase acquire both a male and a female suit??? It is implied but no option is ever “selectable”…

Hi there. According to the Amazon page, it’s one suit and it’s unisex.

Wow, did not expect that… have to look again… don’t usually expect neo-Marvel costumes to be gender-neutral… good answer, though, thanks.

Wait, is this a woman’s size medium (STD) or the Girls Youth Standard.

The description just stays Size: Standard

I am looking for a men’s medium, but could get the girls youth for my daughter…

The description says ‘adult’.