Rubik's Magic Star Fidget Puzzle Toy

Rubik's Magic Star Fidget Puzzle Toy

I actually had this toy when I was younger. It isn’t a new Rubik’s. It also isn’t a real Rubik’s. It is a knock off, with their name on it. When you bought this in the past, it came with 2 pieces. They are selling this with only one piece. You must buy 2 of them to get the full toy. When you have 2 you can push them together or take apart and make 2 stars or squares. I bought 2, so I could show my kids, because, getting the first is only half the toy.

I have been buying from woot for over 13 years. This is probably the first time I feel I was sold something other than the product listed. I am listing the original Rubiks packaging for reference.

Hi there. Did you get what was pictured?

What you posted is the 2-pack version. We weren’t selling that. The 2-packs are still available (see link) just not what we were selling.

Also, these are official Rubik’s. Here’s the product site: