Ruff Justice

I totally hear McGruff

This shirt helps you take a bite out of crime.

Cool shirt, really reminds me of one of my favorites, Reverse Tarzan.

Look Lisa, it’s McGriff the Crime Dog

Oh, that’s great. Love all the textures. Now I’m going to have a Hound of the Bassetville dream

Nice Houndstooth check on the cape.

For those who are unfamiliar, you’re missing out.

This reminds me of Sheelock Holmes. I think it’s because of the hat and pipe.

This makes me want to see feature a commercial with McGruff the Crime Dog…

After reading how he celebrates the close of a case I can’t imagine what is burning in that pipe. Great details in the drawing. Looks like there might be some dog hair on that coat though.

Isn’t pipe-smoking bad for dogs? Oh wait, that’s eating chocolate.

I’m digging the shading and line work on this so much. The subject is goofy, but the details from the jacket to the pipe smoke are great.

It’s funny to think that people are thinking of the 80’s PSA. I’m totally seeing a “Hound of the Baskervilles” thing going on here, especially with the Sherlock garb.

Love the texture of the books in background. Nice details.

Nooooooooo, he is smoking a pipe! This has undone everything I learned in elementary school. :confused:

This must be what Scooby Doo thinks of himself.

I guess he really “nose” justice?

Elementary my dear… Poodle!?

nyuk nyuk nyuk!

Nothing less than houndstooth could be worn by Sherlock Hounds.
Next week, he takes on Professor Mori-howl-ty in the Canine Kibble Caper.

Where do I go to get this hound’s outfit, replete with cap and pipe? Can you say “baaaaallah”?

This shirt put a smile on my face.