Rug Doctor 95474 Mighty Pro with Bottle of Oxy Steam

**Item: **Rug Doctor 95474 Mighty Pro with Bottle of Oxy Steam
Price: $299.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Take a look at some good feedback from SamsClub

A handful of so-so reviews (3.0 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Works great. too bad these are refurbed. gross.

“Condition New”

I’d like someone from Woot to confirm this though as every other place I’ve seen selling them at this price they are refurbs, and I doubt these are actually new.

My thoughts exactly. And also I noticed that in the second to last picture where the hinge for the handle is shown there are wear marks on the metal strip from where the handles locking pin rides this suggests to me the unit is a refurb.

@ThunderThighs ! Can you help ? Thank you.

Didn’t see anything about an upholstery cleaning attachment. If thats important, it wil cost an extra $90 at rug doctor (buy) website.

I double-checked with the buyer and these are, indeed, new.

Thank you and have a glorious Sunday.

Bought this last time. I thought my carpets were fairly clean until I used this. This thing pulled up all kinds of dirt and this was after a thorough going over with my Dyson Animal. So nice not to have to rent it. Around here they rent for about $30/day. The entire carpet cleaning project took me over a week to complete so it’s almost paid for itself already. Would recommend.

I bought mine new in December 2011 from Woot for $329. and it didn’t come with the bottle of Oxy Steam, so this is a good deal.

Well then I guess I’ll buy one. Will beat renting one at $35 a day in the long run, especially since it usually takes 2 days to go through the whole house.

Yeah it figures. I just dropped coin on a Bissell Big Green Clean Machine Carpet Cleaner. I has a 20% off coupon and a $80 off with my Discover card.
BUT, I could have got this one with my Discover and been just a little richer.

I bought one of these about 4 years ago and I love it! Its still going strong.
I originally bought this when I was housebreaking my dogs and the weekly trips to rent this thing for $20 kept adding up. This thing has already paid for itself, even after the dogs are housebroken.
Wine spills used to be disasters and now I just hit it with the Rug Doctor and gone.
This thing has saved me time and time again.

I bought one last time too. BRAND NEW and awesome. I also have animals, use a Dyson, and THOUGHT my rugs were “fairly” clean—OMG.

I considered renting one many times, but the rental machines are GROSS, plus, you have to pick it up, haul it home, use it (with a time limit) and then haul it back. The machine is not that light, it’s a pain to get in the car . . .

Figure if you go through the trouble of renting it 9 times, it pays for itself and then you have it whenever you want ! Now that I have it, I use it WAY more that I thought.

It was a bit of a splurge for me, but well worth it.

BTW, the handle folds down, so storage isn’t too bad.

Coincidentally, I just rented one for the first time today. There is always a coupon available ranging from 3 to 10 bucks off. There was only a 3 dollar one available today which made it a 22 dollar rental for me. In this case I would need to use it 14 times to make up the cost.

I actually thought renting was easy and convenient and not too hard to load in the car. I was also surprised by how compact it is when the handle is folded down. It should fit in most closets. Storage is the biggest obstacle stopping me from owning one.

Does anyone know for certain that this does or does not come with the hose and upholstery attachment?

Bissell’s better anyway. I’d like to see those on here sometime.

It appears not.
Costco has same machine plus upholstery attachment plus a bottle of urine remover
less a $50 coupon plus 19.95 shipping.
You decide