Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Bundle

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Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Bundle
Price: $299.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Tuesday, Sep 30 to Wednesday, Oct 01) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Time to learn all about Rug Doctor and the product page of a very similar model

Comments on the Mighty Pro from a previous offer

[MOD: Same unit but today’s comes with the upholstery tool.]

Last year they sold a new one for the same price as this refurb.
Only difference seems to be that this refurb has an upholstery attachment, and 40 oz of pet cleaner.
New one had in box :
Rug Doctor 95474 Mighty Pro Carpet Cleaner
Multi-Purpose Oxy-Steam Carpet Cleaner - 60 Ounce Bottle

Both have 5yr. warranty.

Is the attachment really worth the difference between old and new ? Or is greater ship costs from a year ago factored in ? Guessing the latter.

Do you care much if they both had a 5 year warranty?

I have this machine… I love it and am considering another for my summer house… the attachment is a must and great for cleaning your car and couch and getting very stained spots. This is a great price…
I had to rent a rug dr the other day and it was gross and full of hair and crap… YUCK… get your own and know what is inside those tubes.

The Upholstery tool (aka Universal hand tool) is an $89.95 value.

I picked up very the similar model, Pro X 3, offered all the way back on April 5, 2012. Although I’m still a little irritated at paying more for less ($319.99 = $351.80 with tax and shipping but NO extras), I still must highly praise the machine. If you have more than just a few sq. ft. of carpet/rugs in your home, this machine is a necessity. I have owned too many of the Hoover, Bissell and etc. carpet cleaners and none of them can even come close to this bad boy! It is by far the closest thing to the Steamex 3000 that my ex got in the divorce and would now run more than $11,000 (with tools) to replace. I have used it many, many times in the 2 ½ years I’ve owned it and I’m thoroughly satisfied with the results every time.

My irritation comes from no extras with my deal. When I ordered it, I’m quite certain that the universal hand tool was included but it was later corrected to say that it was not although the price remained the same. Bad Woot!, Bad! (I still need the darn thing but I now can’t afford it.)

IMHO, at this price and with the extras included, this a very good deal that you won’t regret!

Saw good reviews at Costco ($399), but for some reason , I couldn’t posted them here .

Great overall for this very unit .
I am so tempted right now , have been with a couple of Bissell(s) for years now . Awwgr , spending too much $$ at Woot lately , and I can’t stop !

Has anyone any experience with the 5 year warranty that comes with this baby ?

Was on the fence on this one. We picked up the spotbot when it was last sold here and liked what it did to the spot my cat got to, but was such a pain in the butt having to keep moving it. Thinking the problem was solved I took a blacklight to the hall way next to the spot and realized the cat hated me (really the litter) and decided to use the entire length of the wall. Needless to say the Spotbot wasn’t going to work. So after talking to the accountant aka my wife, I made this purchase and i’m now going to clean my entire house carpet so i don’t feel as bad.

Well I regret it, Item is DOA . Phone support horrendous. They just direct me to a number that i have been calling since they opened and it just rings and rings and rings. Looks like im out 329$

I was given the wonderful option to drive it 2.5 hours each way to see if they will fix it.

I’m very sorry. Please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

Be sure to tell them what you’ve tried to remedy this.