Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Carpet Cleaner

Yay! Now I can finally open up a hardware store!

In for one. I’ve had various other cleaners (Bissel, Hoover, etc.) over the years that have not held up. With two young kids I anticipate getting a good lifetime of use.

This would be useful if I had any carpets in my house. I am so happy to have all hardwood/tile in our house. Cat ownership and carpet just aren’t a winning combination. Hairball cleanup is quick and easy right now.

How much is it to rent one of these at the grocery store?

About $25 per rental, not including the hassle of loading/unloading. We use our current carpet cleaner around 3 times per year, plus the odd spot treatment now and again. I figure I have about a 2.5 year break-even period, but I’m willing to pay the money just for the convenience.

I wish this had some kind of stair attachment. I would love to buy this- I have used my Hoover cleaner twice in the last week! And my next wish is a commercial size washing machine. Can even be coin operated-the kids need to start paying their way sometime.

It was around $30 per day the last time I rented one (sometimes you can find coupons that bring it down to $20 though). I also believe you need a credit card for a $50 security deposit but I’m not positive.

Kinda on the edge about this for a gift for my mom :stuck_out_tongue:

have bought one of this from costco (399), works great. Our local rent is about 31 per day. Much better than my previous bissel.

I owned a Bissell carpet cleaner which I bought for about $100. It lasted through three carpet cleanings before it just didn’t work anymore. It didn’t do a great job when it did work.

I rented one of these less than a week ago from our local (read: rural Iowa) grocery store. With the upholstery tools, it was $32.

I don’t have $300+ extra to spend right now, but if I did, I’d probably buy one of these. I would love to have the convenience of pulling it out of my closet when I needed it instead of waiting till all the carpets are filthy to rent one!

I got one from Woot last time it was available. The machine looked new, but the tank was used and the cord had an abrasion. It looked like they used some refurbed parts.

wish i never bought the bissle
the rugdoctor is 100x better
for 100 more its a excellent buy
my bissel been used a dozen times and now its not pumping water.
ive stripped it cleaned it and still no go.

Next unit will be a commercial grade aka rug dr

Where is the cleaning solution you sold along side this carpet cleaner last time?

Last woot-off prompted me to rent one from a local hardware store. I got the “wide” model. VERY loud. Seemed to work pretty well, but I had to make several passes since it was the first time the rugs had ever been washed - about 12 years!

I think you can overstate the hassle of rental - the only downside to me was that I did clean up some of the prior renter’s gook from the bottom of the unit, mostly in the brush.

The chemicals - I was doing enough rooms to need two bottles - were more expensive than the day’s rental fee. Beware of that “hidden” cost. And if you have a big place, note this is not the wide version, so it will take longer for you to get the rugs done.

Pluses included getting lots of dirt out. The rugs I expected to be dirtiest indeed had that reflected in the output tank when I dumped it. And at less than $100 to do five very large rooms, it was a lot cheaper than having a pro come it.

Minuses included noise (very loud), weight (I don’t think my spouse could have lugged it upstairs where most of the rugs are), and relative hassle of dumping the dirty water and refilling with fresh.

Consumer Reports happens to rate several other units more highly, in part due to noise and convenience. But they do rate cleaning quality as top notch.

Unless you have lots of rugs and regularly wash them anyway, I think the rental path is better.

Edit: Oh, I forgot to mention that the Rug Doctor site had many of these models on sale (refurbs) - with the upholstery brush and chemicals - so if you are serious about taking the plunge, peek there too.

I have had one of these for a few years and love it. Im not sure if this is a good price or not but I paid more than this. It does a great job of getting the carpet clean. I also have the appostlery attachments which work well. Its deffinately a good product!

these suk, I had to rent one to try to clean up a wine spill, look ok the day I did it, two days later when the carpet dried, it was very visible, got down on my hands and knees with a brush and Hydrogen peroxide, stain gone.

Just an FYI you do not have to use the Rug Doctor brand of cleaner. You can use just about any rug or carpet cleaner for steam cleaners. Ive been told you can even use a little laundry soap (small amounts) if you choose. I personally use a cheap brand that I found at Lowes that works great. I use my rug doctor about once every other month or imediately if something spills or one of my dogs decideds to go indoors.

Bought one from WOOT 6 months ago. Looked like new when delivered, no signs of any type of wear. Works great. Love it. I also looked at Kohls before buying it from woot. The Kohls model is slightly different, different handle and no on/off switch, and was much more expensive even with a 20% discount. This is great deel.

Its about 25.00 around here plus deposit

Walamart has it for 398.00 if you aqre having trouble desiding now its gonna cost you!

I did get a bissel pro heat and I really like it better than rental machines,you never know what in those after people have used them(ick
I have 2 dogs and it works well on carpets than were not cleaned for a LONG time-and my white carpets(no I didnt buy the carpet in white Idiots who I bought the haouse from did)