Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3

I got really excited for a second because the picture on the main Woot! site makes it look like a Zamboni. :C

I ordered the pro version from home.woot awhile back for $334.99 and it got out the oil paints from kids.woot my young Monet painted the carpet with when I wasn’t looking.

It isn’t a substitute for professional steam cleanings, but it will save your behind when you are in a jam.

It has also greatly helped during potty training when said Monet didn’t make it to the potty in time.

A few years ago I had my carpets professionally steam cleaned, but some stains were not coming out. The dude admitted Rug Dr is what I should use to get the out.

If the guy did not get the stains out and recommended you to get a rug doctor, I will guarantee you he was not a professional , A professional truck mounted steam carpet cleaning van cost about $55000.00 US dollars Vs A $400 110 volt tap water carpet cleaner . I don’t think so

previous woot also $319.99

Some of the better comments with credit given (and I did a bit of cleaning up of the entries–pun intended). There are a # of worthwhile comments:

Edit: and a few of my own video finds
Cleaning tips

Instructional video:

Cleaning–exciting, how much can it vacuum

Hope this helps

Saw this at Sam’s Club this past Friday for 399.99. This is a great deal.

I have one of these that i bought at costco. If you are patient, you can get a new one with the costco warranty for 350. They have a $50 off deal once or twice a year.

Is it perfect? of course not. But it does do a really nice job. And it is slightly awkward so its not for whiney, weak, or clumsy people. Lots of trips to the sink to dump and refill. Pay a professional once a year and in a couple years you coulda bought this.

I use mine frequently. Guests who wont take their shoes off in my house. Kids tracking mud in the house. Kids spilling food and paint. Barfing cats.

With that said… The specs on this doesnt mention including the upholstery/stair tool, which i think is priced around 70 bucks. And it also doesnt include any cleaning solution. (Costco has a NEW x3, the upholstery tool, cleaning solution, and pet spray for 400). So the only deal in this is not being forced to buy the upholstery tool.

I solved all of my wall to wall rug problems (stains, mud, dust mites, etc.)
by replacing them with laminate flooring. So happy now.

So did I. Great product. Thinking about getting it for my dad as a late father’s day gift. He has rental units and uses a man who has one of these. Don’t have any carpet, just a bunch of throw rugs. Laminate is the way to go with 3 boys (5,2&9months). When they grow up and stop punching walls, will think about bringing the carpet back.

I agree. I only clicked on it because I thought a Zamboni would be a great present for one of my friends.

Sam’s includes the attachment kit,
which makes their price a GREAT deal.

Debating whether or not to take the plunge…We’ve been renting one about every 2-3 months because our carpets get ravaged by our 3 kids and a cat who thinks that the litter box is optional

If you use the machine right and keep it clean, it does a great job of cleaning the carpets. It’s like it transforms the carpets back to what they used to be.

My advice for using it would be to clean the carpets before you go to work or before you go to bed, so they will have time to dry when you aren’t walking all over them. +

Litter box has never worked for my kids either.

That being said, I became a fan of these RugDocs back when my brand new built house I was getting severe asthma/allergy attacks - Which I have not gotten for years, long story short the carpets were extremely filthy, so I’ve been looking to own one instead of renting them. Drying time for me has not been that big of an issue. What I always do when I clean my carpets is I do a ‘wet’ run then follow up with a ‘dry’ run in order to extract as much water as possible. On the ‘dry’ run it usually removes any left over water making the carpet almost fully dry.

Anyways… In for one!

would have made a sale if it had the stair cleaning attachment. Guess I’ll have to put up with the bissel.

At that early of an age & punching walls more than once, I think you have a much bigger problem with respect and discipline ahead!

Also, have you looked under your laminate lately? With animals & kids it’s always a moldy mildewy mess growing and lurking ready to become an allergy nightmare.

With kids & pets, I’ve found it’s best to go with the cheapest flooring that you don’t care about replacing every 5 or so years.

I have one and LOVE IT!

So my advice, buy cheap but good looking carpet & get this rug doctor! You won’t be sorry.

Unless you have it already or install it yourself, wood and laminate is expensive & overrated!

Now REAL OLD STYLE WOODENFLOORS from decades ago…that’s a different story. Seal that wood good & tight every year. Wax it good and never look back!

Well, I bought this back in 2012, and it sat in the box in my basement until today. Rats, the pump seems clogged. It makes noise, but no water solution comes out. To late to return, by a couple years. Crap.