Rugs You Loved

Aw. The 3x5s are the same price as the 5x7s.

Curses! Foiled again.

What are the background colors of:

Greyson Circles?
Addison Gold/Blue?


We did not get samples but we’re all seeing beige/cream here.

The background on the Greyson circles is a light cream/beige and the Addison Gold/Blue is beige to light tan.

Looks like the pricing error is only on 2 styles.

What is the backing on these?

Most good area rugs do not have a backing. You will need to get something to put underneath to keep the rug in place and protect your floor. Exactly what you need depends on what type of surface you are putting it on.

Thanks - appreciate it. Bev

wow - these look very nice…wish I needed a rug! :wink: