RUIGOR Laptop Travel Backpacks

RUIGOR Laptop Travel Backpacks

Looks like the Active 66, Icon 08 and Executive 26 if people are wondering the model.

[MOD: Confirmed that these are the correct models]


Amazon reviews complain about a bad rubber or ashtray smell in these packs. Has that issue been corrected? Need one for a long trip and I don’t want to have clothes smell like ash.

I have owned one of these bags for more than a year. I never noticed any odd odor. These are very well made bags. You won’t be disappointed in the quality.

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Where are these backpacks manufactured?

These are made in Switzerland.

More info to read at your leisure:

“Ruigor strongly identifies itself with its origin in the heart of Europe. We view the values Swiss products are known for as mandatory for our own product portfolio. Hence, the Ruigor sign is a seal for quality, innovation, and precision. The production in Switzerland is a strong pillar of our global production strategy to create state of the art products with outstanding customer value. Therefore, we keep investing to increase our manufacturing in Switzerland and thus our Swiss product portfolio. Ruigor customers can be guaranteed that all products are marked with its place of origin. Products featuring a Swiss cross or marked with ‘Swiss-Made’ are manufactured in Switzerland and follow the latest Swiss-Made regulations.”

I own a few of these bags. Never noticed a smell. The first articles that came to the USA the supplier forgot to put in those jell-packs things that absorb odor during transit overseas. Since then the local supplier has added and has completely removed any odor if there was any to begin with. These are GREAT bags.

Here is their Amazon Store Page.

Welp…I should have listened to the reviews. Ours came in today and it smells like tires or asphalt. Hopefully a woot rep will see this and give some advice on getting rid of the smell.

I’m sorry about that. Sometimes it just needs to air out - like in the garage or patio.

My brother swears by bounce dryer sheets for getting rid of smells.

I was thinking dryer sheets, too. If that doesn’t work I may be “bounce”ing back to customer service.