Rule No.1: Cardio

Bicycle? I want a tank! A steamroller might be nice too.

Bill Murray would approve.

I. Hate. Reading. Sentences. Like. This. Cause. It. Takes. Forever. To. Say. Them. In. My. Head.

This is zombie weekend, a weekend where I was absolutely guaranteed to spend $30 on shirts, and not one winner made me want to spend $10… what the freighttrain?

Suddenly the interlude of Mulan’s I’ll make a man out of you comes to mind… “I’m never gonna catch my breath. Say good-bye to those who knew me. Boy, was I a fool in school for cutting gym”

If there ever was a zombie invasion, I’ve already accepted I’ll be that person.

If I only had a bike.

A core rule established by Zombieland, very very important.

I love the crudeness of the design…pun intended.

I like the graffiti style on this design. I could see it spray-painted around a city as a guerrilla marketing campaign for biking and fitness.

This shirt is perfect for Zombie Jesus Day!

The artist bio confirms my fears hahah.

edit: writer to artist oops.

EDIT: Nevermind… The artist bio stole my joke.

Y’know, I wouldn’t have immediately pegged this one as a Walmazan design, It’s an unexpected (but welcome) new style for him.

The fella doesn’t look that out of shape to me. This shirt needs more “plumpness.”

Congrats Wences! I can’t wait to wear this one.

Yaaay! Walmazan! Picked up one for my fiance. Defnitely one of the best zombie shirts Ive seen in awhile. Cardio will save us all.

Congrats, Walz!

What’s with the green ooze on the zombies? I don’t see Slimer anywhere…?

Anybody seeing a resemblance to the Beatles famous Abbey Road album cover? Guy in the front is with a white suit and the three in the back in dark color suits? Except in this case the guy in the white suit remains unzombifyed.