Run Away From It All


This page is self-explanatory. If you need a little vacation come here.


A little mean, but funny!!!


Figured it was better than all the wooters having to pay for therapy. They can chill out here, go back and and help Fen when they are in a different frame of mind.


last post


Watch I’ll wake up tomorrow to probation for 70 hours… for taking a little ice cream.


I hope donna didn’t eat from the forbidden fruit…lol


No, she is lactose intolerant. No ice cream for her.


Well, alright she had just a l i t t l e bit but now she has the runs.


13 minutes. I thought there wree onl 12 numberz on the dial.



The Fen fanclub protests this thread


I like Fen. People were on Misfits saying they wanted to go away and kill themselves because of Fen. I figured this thread would let them come and blow off whatever steam they had built up.


silly people!


Closed down he went to sleep.


Feel free to come and get out your frustration anytime you wish. I have padded all the walls for your safety.


Don’t hang out here. Fen’s giving bellybutton cleaning classes over in Misfits. Seating is limited, so don’t delay.


Are they soundproofed too? That’s important. :wink:


Damn, I missed it. Was their cotton fuzz to be cleared from the belly button?


No- advice not to use alcohol in cleansing of sensitive areas.


Unless you’re drinking it. Then you have to be concerned about overcleaning. And the resulting degradation of eyesight.