Indiana cat and the yarn of doom! I love this one! :slight_smile:

Oh my gosh! I LOVE this shirt!

I think this is a must. And then, once the shirt arrives in all its parodic glory, you have to rewatch the movie wearing it (and a fedora). Or at least run from something.

This is the most awesome cat shirt yet! love it (nice touch with the gold idol as well)

yarn. why’d it have to be yarn?

Indicatta Jones!! Awesome.

Awesome idea, awesomely executed :slight_smile: congrats wirdou

As a knitter and cat owner…this shirt was a must buy.

This will be purrfect on a tote bag… For a knitting project bag.

It’s not often you see a cat run FROM yarn. My cat probably would though.

but they named the dog Indiana!

Later on: “Indy, they are digging in the wrong litter box!”

Next in the series of shirts, Indiana Cat and the Temple of Purr, Indiana Cat and the Last Catnip, and Indiana Cat and the Crystal Mouse Skull.

This shirt makes me want to work out

congrats wirdou!

Love it Wirdou! If the cat would only jump sideways, this crisis could be averted… :wink:

Why does the idol look like a scared koala?

I really like the shirt, but there’s something about being naked but for the hat while running on two legs that bugs me. I think I’d like it more if the cat were gripping the idol by the scruff of its neck and running on all fours or as is but wearing the leather jacket too.

Of course I’m buying it anyway, but still =P

Love This Shirt!!

Too bad woot shirts are teeny tiny. :frowning: