Running Red

Hey… you never know. Those wolves may just want to talk with her… maybe just ask her if she’s headed for her grandma’s house.

Congratulations on your 1st print, Crumblin’ Cookie! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks! :slight_smile: But it is not my first print, looks like the link is broken. My profile is here:"CrumblinCookie"

Definitely sets a mood

Love your style. You and Maloandthewhale have such beautiful imagery!
Love the ethereal feel. Feels like Limbo.

Loooove this design!

Going to snag it, but I have a fit question for y’all.

I generally get Men’s Premium in XL, which is now too big due to my obsessive new gym habit. (Yay!) Do the Women’s Premium XL run teeny tiny? I’ve ruined many a cute shirt with my giant sweater puppies, which seem to be impervious to aforementioned gym obsession. I’d hate to get this shirt and then completely crack the design the first time I pull it on. And also, I enjoy breathing.

The sizing chart posted on the shirt page will be the best reference, but I can say that the premium Bella blanks are petite in size.

Sorry, @CrumblinCookie…looks like an errant space snuck into your name. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s been fixed. Congrats on the beautiful print!

You are so right! It turns out that I own one of your tee shirts… the Scary Night one. :slight_smile:

Also, my daughter has Falling Alice, a print similar in style to today’s. She really likes it, wears it quite a bit. :slight_smile: I’m glad the link’s been fixed.

great shirt CrumblinCookie :slight_smile:

thank you everyone :smiley:

and thanks for fixing that link, Ben!