Runtime Error

Now THAT’s cute… and what I feel like after a long day at work!!

Woah…had a hard time telling what was up with this poor fella for a moment, but noooow I see.

I seeeeeeeeeee.

I am resisting the urge to make a “that’s what she said” joke. It would really only make sense if “she” were an android/robot.

Also this should be the new mascot for Adobe Inc.

That’s the last time I use an anti-gravity hamster as a power source!

In the future, our server hamsters will all be solid state.

+1 :slight_smile:

At least he didn’t go boom like this guy!

if he would have accelerated at a rate of 32 feet 1.05 inches per second per second this would have never happened.

So is this a logic error or was someone just trying to sneak something past the compiler?

From a distance, someone might just get the impression that you are anti-upside-down hamsters…or potatoes with eyes.

Any one else see the palindrome in the condition section of the main page for this shirt?

Sneaky woot, very sneaky…

I find that little mark just near it’s eye distracting. Should the artist have cleaned up their cute animal design a bit better?

Seems like a BSOD joke should be in order…

I could prove the gravity of the situation but I’d have to get some books from that Newton guy that had a fig fall on his head.

Hah! Nice catch, I didn’t see that before. =)

It’s this year’s Hamster Dance. Comes with a free ringtone.

I think I found the error, the hamster thingy is upside down.

my head is spinning looking at this shirt, I hope it does the same to those that pass by trying to figure it out.