Rush Hampton Fresh ‘n Pure Bottled Water Maker

I didn’t know I could make a bottle of water by myself so easily.

Interesting… But, Where I live has some of the best tap water around. Even better than many bottled waters.

Manufacturer Website…


Well, in Az, where I live, we have some of the WORST tasting water in the world.

I wonder if this would remove the nasty taste here? Anyone in the greater Phoenix area have one?


It keeps the flouride? That stuff is just as bad as anything this would actually filter out.

Here’s a link for the replacement filters:

I have a bottled water maker. It’s called a sink faucet. Works quite well.

I see the filters on Amazon, but I’m curious if these would be available at my local big box store.

I don’t have one, but I share your pain. I live in Ajo (~2 hours south of Phoenix on the way to Mexico) and live close to the old Copper mine. The soil here is so metallic, and it makes the water taste terrible. I usually just pick up bottled water. Would this help out with the metallic taste?

is this better than brita

That’s my question too. I also live in AZ and Brita does NOT cut it. Nothing but some serious RO can fix the nasty in our tap water.

At ~$12/filter (from Amazon), this would be quite a bit cheaper than a Brita in the long run.

1000 gallons from the Rush Hampton is one filter at $12 which works out to $12.

1000 gallons from a Brita is 25 filters at $5/filter which works out to $125.

I can’t speak as to which tastes better though.

I wish it removed the fluoride as well as the chlorine.

Anyone know how exactly this hooks up to the faucet? I don’t exactly need filtered water for washing dishes or watering plants so I’m hoping this whole actuator/diverter business is easy to use.

While I do like the portability of these types of devices, I’ll stick with my home Reverse Osmosis (RO) unit, and take my own bottled water when I need it. It gets rid of fluoride just fine.

1000 gallons from my RO: $5 (approximate)
Yes. Initial investment was pricey (about $120 for the equipment), but also included enough extra filters for 10,000 gallons). Fortunately, my tap water is pretty good, so I don’t have to replace filters as ofter as in areas with really nasty water (like my parent’s home).

Amazon currently has this same unit for $38. But, it comes with a replacement filter ($12) and two sports bottles. It also ships free, so if you want the extras, it is a better deal

Clarifies that this Bottle Water Maker doesn’t actually make bottled water. It allows you to fill up your own bottle with its fresh filtered water.

Check it out!!

There is a threaded part that attached to the tap which provides a feed to this device. In the first photo, it’s the cylindrical piece with a push/pull pin in the middle. When you pull this actuator pin, water is diverted from the tap to this device to be filtered. Filtered water comes out from the device. Pushing the actuator lets water flow from the device again.

Funny, I thought your water would have a garlicky taste.

(The rest of you Google “Ajo.” Also, just for fun, Google a town in California, named Manteca.)