Rush Hampton Fresh ‘n Pure Bottled Water Maker

I wanted the toolbox…

$36.01 New on Amazon for 1. No reviews :frowning:

Still, looks to be a good deal for those without a Reverse Osmosis system.

i dont get it, does this go on the tap like a pur? these photos and the description are pretty cruddy…

I bought this from woot a few weeks ago… it works pretty well. The water tastes just as good (if not better) than it did from my Brita filter. The filters last much longer than a brita filter, and this is pretty convenient to have hooked up to the faucet.

(I know there are other filters which can connect this way too, but my previous filter was a Brita Pitcher).

I have water filter in my fridge as well, but the water comes out dreadfully slow. This fills up a large cup in a couple seconds.

There is no comparison between this and any RO system.

full concentration of fluoride lol more toxics please worthless

How much are the filters? That’ll make a huge difference in the long run. Like the Fram Air Filters vs K&N reusable.

Worried about your precious bodily fluids?

Hence why this is good for someone without an RO system.

This RO> This Filter > Nothing

there is a diverter that screws onto the faucet where the aerator goes. You can see the diverter in the picture of “What’s in the box.” Tubing runs from the diverter, along the faucet, and into the filter. You end up with a rather unsightly, difficult-to-clean mishmash around the sink and on the counter. Perhaps worth it for someone wanting filtered water but not interested in installing an under-counter filter, but definitely the low end of water filtration (EDIT: post above reminds me Brita is the low end–this is just above that) .

This is based on similar systems. I don’t really know anything about this particular product or this type of filter beyond what I saw here.

This one always brings up the fluoride discussion. It’s too bad it doesn’t filter out the stuff. Not that something this affordable could…

Maybe you can just smile in your water from this pitcher and drink your RO water.

Replacement filter on Amazon is around $25. Lasts about a year (or so it states).

Looks like amazon has them for 25$ right now. But the filter is good for 1 year/ 1000 gallons, much longer than many filters.

And this comes with 2 filters, one already installed in the unit, and a backup. Come to think of it… It might be worth it for me to get this just for the extra filters. lol.

I’d be interested if it removed the fluoride, lead, etc. too. Now those may be actually killing people in the long run. It’s sad that our public works is delivering a product that we feel requires further treatment before consumption.

A “Bottled Water Maker”… isn’t that just a fancy name for a “Faucet”?

Like the off-topic response you gave, I’ll give one: those reusable air filters don’t filter as well as regular replaceable ones, per a few BITOG reviews I’ve read (one specifically used an MX5 Miata)

As for this water filter not removing flouride…if memory serves, that is a more toxic substance than chlorine. While I applaud people’s desire to have strong teeth, we aren’t supposed to swallow toothpaste due to the flouride content, and I’ve always wondered about the long term affects of this. Regarding its merits for tooth strengthening; I grew up on well water, and still choose to drink it vs. city water. My teeth are quite strong.

Obviously, chlorine reduction is great, as my area (in WV) has water that smells like a swimming pool (not exaggerating) as it comes out of the tap. It is extremely bitter and chemical flavored.

I think for the average person this filter will help, but agree that reverse osmosis would be a better choice, or even distillation (for pure, mineral free water).

In for one, for my friend who always drinks bottled water. Hope she will enjoy this as much, if not better, than bottled water! And saving money too! :slight_smile:

anyone know how much the replacement filter is ? can you replace it ?? or throw it away

Agreed on the well water! I love our well water, but my friend doesn’t like it so I hope this filter will help.