Rush Hampton Fresh ‘n Pure Bottled Water Maker

water… maker???

That’s a really wierd looking sink…

All you have to do is mix the convenient oxygen and hydrogen packs (sold separately) and this will make a potable, clear liquid substance.

(Bottles also sold separately.)

Silver ions not approved for use by undead.

Not exactly stellar reviews, but there are also only 2 of them.

Hmmm…wonder if it makes Barrels of Crud?

I wooted one before Xmas, and it works great. Plus it comes with TWO FILTERS = 2 YEARS of filtering under moderate useage.

Buy three! Kitchen, your mistresses kitchen, and the lakehouse kitchen where you take your mistress.

Per the Amazon product description at the above posted link; “Not recommended for homes on a private well.” :frowning:

*** Not sure if this unit removes fracking fluid from stream water. ***

Use at own risk in stares that allow fracking.

I was hoping this would pop up! I have a filter that attaches to my faucet, but each filter replacement is $10 and they only last about 3 months. Ridiculous, if you ask me. $18 for a unit that comes with two filters that last a year each? Bangin’ deal.

Oh humanity…a bottled water maker. What will you come up with next?

hmmm, does NOT remove Fluoride.
“keeps full concentration of fluoride”.
Wrong answer. FAIL

“Keeps full concentration of fluoride.”

No thank you. Fluoride is the most dangerous chemical in water.

One good review and one guy complaining about lack of fluoride filtration.

Not really a good source to base your decision upon.

Much like the Dyson “air multiplier” fans.

If you turn them on at once in the same room, it spawns tornadoes and State Farm gets very upset with you.

Haha yes! Just beat me to it.

That’s okay. When the nat. gas in the water catches on fire it’ll burn up the fracking fluid! :slight_smile:

Fluoride BAD

So. . . YOU work for Woot?