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Not glow in the dark?!??!?!?!!??!?! This is a bold swerve in the recent derbying trend. Oh, and yeah for sly humor ; )

That would constitute an error, not a warning.

I’m really stoked to see this one printed! I submitted it as a daily a couple of months back, but it wasn’t selected. I’ve been sitting on it (Richie Cunningham style), waiting for an appropriate derby.

This was inspired by me trying to do anything on my PS3, and always being warned that I’d have to update the system, before I could do anything useful.

I figured everything else in my life needs constant software updates, why not add my tshirts to the list?

I refuse to update the software, it might break my custom mods.

Unfortunately my software is already upgraded to the new 3D prints, and the 2D ones don’t display properly.

This shirt should come free with Windows 8.

At least I don’t need 3D glasses to view this tee! I don’t mind it’s not the MOST up-to-date upgrade. I can’t wear 3D glasses over my regular glasses.

Not sure if serious, but I wear 3D glasses over my glasses all the time.

Hardware printed on a soft surface = Firmware

Not just EC but third place in the votes too. Respect.

(I get how the PS3 inspired this. “Would you like the system to shut down automatically after the update has been installed?” - no! I just want to go to the freaking store like half an hour ago.)

Happy to see this one print. Congrats, Tony!

“…a softwear update” would have been more clever.

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Agreed, swing and a miss on this one. Would’ve liked to have seen more designs do more than scratch the surface of the theme (like yesterday’s print). Oh well.

Yeah, but the “Error 404” shirt hasn’t been designed yet…

Windows 8 should come free with this shirt.

(it’s a relative value thing)

I give this design an “Aaaaeeeyyy!” with a thumbs up :slight_smile:

I thought the same thing, and then realized that is the error. :slight_smile: