Russell Hobbs Glass Series 8-Cup Coffeemaker

Russell Hobbs Glass Series 8-Cup Coffeemaker

What’s going on here, Woot? I bought this exact same coffee maker (I have triple checked) on here two months ago (August 27th 2020 to be exact) for $42.99 - which was at that time a claimed 46% off the list price of $80.00. Now here is is again but for $7 cheaper - at $35.99 - a claimed 40% off the list price of $59.99. Did the list price of this thing really drop $20 since August??? Seems very fishy. What’s even more fishy… if you look this thing up on the mothership itself, it’s $67.99 - a claimed 48% discount off the list price of $129.00! How many “list prices” does this thing have at any given time? Very fishy indeed. Makes me even more suspicious of Amazon’s pricing practices/claims.

That said, if anyone is considering buying this coffee maker, we love it. I love that you can just rinse out the filter and continue to reuse it - NO waste. A big step in the right direction from the Keurig it replaced. Those K-cups are expensive and end up in the landfill - and you can’t control the strength of the coffee with them like you can with this machine. The coffee is better, less expensive, and nothing goes to the landfill. Win-win-win. I can’t speak to the durability/longevity of it as we’ve only been using it for two months (daily), but as of right now, I’d definitely buy it again.

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@TheRaven65 Thanks! Quick question for you - what are the dimensions of the carafe (height and width at top)? I’m thinking of using it for another purpose.

RE the list price

Personally I have list prices. They’re like a price tag on a car - you know you’d never have to pay that.

We get list prices from various places.

Vendors fill out the MSRP/List price on the PO forms. Most of our vendors give realistic list prices but some will inflate. We try to catch those but we may miss one here and there.

We also get some list prices from Amazon as is the case with this one. One Amazon ASIN/SKU can have multiple sellers and they all have the ability to modify the information on the listing.

For this one, it could be the earlier prices were from one source and this one from another.

But in general, take list prices with a grain of salt. They’re not reflective of the marketplace and don’t represent competitive pricing.

what about the price WOOT charges do you sell this item for the same price or are they are all over the place as indicated, compared to list prices that are all over the place

As with any retailer, we will raise/lower prices based on our cost, marketplace prices, etc. Daily sales in each category will generally be the best price. Also, as the inventory ages, we will lower prices to move through it.


How is this so challenging.

Do you like the sales price?

GREAT! Buy it.

The rest isn’t worth anyone’s time to unravel, as retail pricing is not set in stone. Especially as it related to a item sold on a deal site.

Do you like the price? BUY IT!

If not, move on and stop whining, especially about something you already purchased, at a price you found acceptable, at the time.


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are you trying for a job interview? LoL…she has THE job already. Sorry


So, it’s not worth anyone’s time to unravel, but you had plenty of time to make your pointless post attacking me. Cool. Yes, I bought the thing at what I considered to be an acceptable price and I’m very happy with it. That isn’t the point. My point was: Why is the “list price” so variable - and VASTLY different on Amazon (which owns Woot) that what Woot is quoting here? It makes you wonder about ALL of the pricing you see on here and on Amazon.

Thanks for the reply, but to use your example… the price tag on a car sticker is the MSRP - Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price - which is (obviously) set by the manufacturer and will be the same on every identical car at any dealership in the country. It is just what the manufacturer “suggests” the dealer sell that car for though… the dealer can sell it for whatever price they want - which, of course, is why you should shop several different dealers to get the best price on the same car. Similarly here, I would expect the “list price” to be the same as a car’s MSRP - to set by whoever made this coffee maker and that it would be consistent everywhere it’s sold - but, any store can sell it for whatever cost they choose. I would think that “list price” for any given product shouldn’t change - unless the manufacturer changes it - and I’m sure that does happen over time - but at any given point in time, I would expect all stores that sell the product (especially those owned by the same parent company) to quote the same “list price”. It’s not about this particular product so much, I’m not upset that I paid $7 more for this thing two months ago (big deal)… it’s about the broader implications.

Hi… sorry I didn’t see this sooner. The carafe measures a hair over 6 1/4" tall and the width of the opening at the top (not counting the spout part that sticks out about a half-inch) is 4".

We do our best. We’ve got numerous buyers, vendors, and offers. Our operation is still small and pretty manual. That leads to some inconsistencies.

Although, Amazon isn’t the be-all, end-all of information. They’re info gets more and more incorrect as various parties (amazon & 3rd party sellers) edit the page.

Here’s our definition of List Price on each sale page.


Imma gonna call this conversation done. Thanks for the chat.

Thanks for the information… that is helpful. Not trying to be argumentative or snippy… just trying to understand how it works.

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