Russell Perf. Assorted Boxer Brief 6Pk

Russell Perf. Assorted Boxer Brief 6Pk

Do they have a fly hole? Whats the inseam?

Is it a 6Pk for just prints?

Hi there. You choose which set you want.


No fly hole. Instead, you’ll find a secure, comfortable pouch.

What is the inseam on these briefs?

Hi. These do not have a fly. The inseam is about 7".

no fly? no thank you. why hop over the fence when you can go through a gate


Comfort. Less sweaty. The fly basically means two layers of fabric making it less breathable. Also no seams rubbing against your danglies. Try it!


I am fine with the “no working fly” thing. (as long as what’s inside is working)

Reminds me a joke a Scotsman once told me:

What’s worn under a Scotman’s kilt?
Answer: Nothing’s worn. It’s all in perfect working order!

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Any word on how these fit? I am generally waist 38 but sometimes down to 36. I usually use Large and most are fine, though some “athletic” brands seem to use smaller sizes. So maybe XL but I’ve had XLs that felt like they were way too big, so hesitant to get the XL. (and always good to be optimistic that I will lost weight, not gain…)

Edit: just saw there was a photo of the sizing chart – looks like “L” would be right for me.

I am confused by the wording: it says “short leg; 7” inseam"
They look like what I would call long for underwear (which I like)
But why does it say “short leg?”
Never really knew what an “inseam” measurement is…

“Is that a 7” inseam in your pants or are you just glad to see me?"

When we asked about the inseam, the vendor said these would be considered short leg, about 7".

Inseam is the measurement of the inside seam - the seam on your inside thigh. It’s measured from the middle of your crotch and down your thigh.

It looks like the picture shows a longer leg version. 7 inches would be about halfway down the thigh for average sized men.

(Xxl) 16” from top of band to bottom of boxer leg measured flat on a table. Bottom of crotch to bottom of leg is 7”. On me these are 2” above my kneecap when fitted. Very Comfy, very breathable. In a slight breeze it may have made me feel a little cold…

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Not happy at all…ordered the print version, and instead of getting 6 different prints, I get only 3 different. Not to mention, only 2 of the designs/prints shown are what I got!
No where does it mention I will/could get duplicate items. Saying that I’m not happy is putting it mildly. Will probably not but from Woot! ever again…buyer beware

Haven’t received mine yet… will see what I get. But I have to say:
don’t get your panties in a bunch
Oh, wait, this is panties! (man-panties anyway)

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I’m very sorry about that. Please contact Woot Customer Service for assistance. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

That’s “manties”, thank you very much.

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Apparently, Woot defines “Assorted Solid Colors or Prints” as six of the exact same print/color. Thanks guys, I really wanted six pairs of gray camo underwear. #WootFail.