Russell Performance Men's Assorted Boxer Briefs12-PK

Russell Performance Men's Assorted Boxer Briefs12-PK

The features say short leg 7" but the images are showing 9"?

Would also like to know the true length. Pictures definitely aren’t 7” inseam

I bought these a few weeks ago. Just measured a pair and they are about 7" inseam, maybe just a tad longer, in fact.

Yes… That’s a LEGO ruler.

One other note on these. The material is really slippery. They often slide down my backside and require a bit of a hoist.

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“No working fly.” Guess you have to drop you pants to pee?

No, you don’t have to…


Do I get to be as ripped as that guy?

I bought these. If you’re debating to go up or down a size…go up. My pack consisted of about half one color that all fit great and the rest are definitely of the hitch up every now and then variety.

I just got mine aaaand… well, $23 is definitely a bargain. But not exactly what I’d usually identify as “undies” if that’s what you’re looking for. Maybe a little closer to bike shorts.

Just got these. Some are about 8" inseam and some are 6" inseam. Pretty thin. Not the best quality. I guess you get what you pay for.