Russian River Pinot Noir Magnum (1)

Russian River 2010 Pinot Noir Magnum
$65.99 (Normally $99.62) 34% off List Price
2010 Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley Magnum 1.5L
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Just so some of the youngins know, a magnum bottle is 1.5L or two bottles of wine.

Sapphire Hill vineyard, check.

Ketcham Estate vineyard, check.

Buy one, check.

Thanks, we hope you enjoy the wine and won’t need the Fast and Up from earlier today!

Lots of possible replies to that… but think I’ll just stay quiet…

Looking forward to trying the wine, have had others with the fruit but 1st time purchase from you… good luck going forward. Cheers!

Sorry - I think I was Pill Baiting!

pH > 3.7 and TA low. This is pretty certainly a Parker Cab drinker’s fruity Pinot Noir. Perhaps if you like the Roessler PN wines, if this is as good quality as that, it might be in a similar style, albeit possibly less acidic.

I’m waiting for a gallon of “Red Mountain”

Agreed that this is most likely in the more fruit forward style. Sometimes that’s just exactly what I’m looking for and in magnum perfect for hauling to a gathering.

Or drinking the whole thing with my wife and the Fast and Up as Chris suggested. Or is it Up and Fast?

Thanks - Our Pinot’s would be considered fruit forward. We use 45% new oak and mostly 2 and 4 year old barrels for the rest. The 2010 is slightly richer than our previous Pinot’s, but still a classic Russian River Pinot. We hope you enjoy it!