Rust-Oleum Never Wet Multi-purpose Kit, 3-pk

I saw this at Dollar Tree in Norman,OK for yes you guessed it…$1
Although it was only a single pack :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yep. I actually bought a few cans when I saw it. The reviews are OK, But 3 bucks vs. 15?

Yup, single pack (the 2-can/2part kit) Dollar Tree, and I am guilty of trying it, but from hereafter it shall be referred to in my household as “Never Again”, $60 pair of Merrell’s, ruined, unless you like 'blue suede shoes", ummm, that we not supposed to be a baby blue color… after ‘treatment’.

It DOES say not suitable for clothing. I think that would include footwear and any suede or leather accessories.

The video shows a guy jumping in water and mud with boots though. Perhaps the fabric type is important.

Is perhaps that was with the spray bottle specially formulated for shoes/boots as pictured above, and not just the aerosol.

Just FYI, It’s $12.49 at home depot for the 3pk.

Sorry,that’s for a single. When you choose 3, the price goes up to $59.91

Look Genius, There are 3 cans to 1 pk. the $59.91 is per case. You will get a whole case with 3pks in it, Capish?

Oooooh, I love it when people need to resort to name calling. It makes their argument so much more effective. /s

So why does the Home Depot page show 1 pack at $12.49 and 3 packs at the $59 price. The images change based on your selection.

It also very clearly says 3-pack all over the 3-pack page.