Rust-Oleum Never Wet Multi-purpose Kit, 3-pk

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Rust-Oleum Never Wet Multi-purpose Kit, 3-pk
Price: $14.99
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If I paint my socks and/or shoes with this will I be able to walk on water? I figure it would repel it when I tried and I would sort of… you know… float just a bit above it.

Yes, absolutely you can do it, so long as you can balance yourself. You should try it.

Would make a great video endorsement. Please, please video it.

I have a box of this that I haven’t gotten into yet, that I bought at the Dollar Tree. I’ve seen them at Ollie’s for $1 as well.

They must have made wayyyy too many of them, lol!

How many cans to do the car?

Seriously, I’m trying to understand the real advantage of this stuff, if any. It’s like a magic trick, but is a painted metal mailbox being harmed because the paint gets wet? Isn’t that’s why it’s painted? Will anything really last longer because it repels water more than an ordinary painted surface?

This seems like it’s solving a problem you didn’t know you had. Maybe I could sit on the patio furniture sooner after a rain storm? I dunno. Then in 10 years we will find out it’s carcinogenic.

Wondering how well this would work on a tent and tent rain fly?

All the Dollar Trees Stores have this product for a buck for both cans. This is not a good price at all.

Thanks for the heads up!