Rust-Oleum Never Wet Multi-purpose Kit, 4-pk

Rust-Oleum Never Wet Multi-purpose Kit, 4-pk

I can’t justify getting more, especially at that price, when just a month ago I got 10 of them at Dollar Tree.

Haven’t decided a use yet, but I’ll have plenty of the stuff when I figure it out.

Will this work on dogs?

I scored these for much cheaper at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet several weeks ago.
Gonna try spraying my snow shovel blade down with it, might help…

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Unless you never touch the surface this is being applied to - it is worthless. Bought and have never been more disappointed in a product. Might be okay on an umbrella or something that literally doesn’t get creased, crinkled, or nudged in anyway. Otherwise the waterproofing seal is damaged and well - it just plain sucks.