Rust-Oleum Smoothing Tool (6-Pack)

Rust-Oleum Smoothing Tool (6-Pack)

These are cheaper elsewhere, everyday of the week just check this price..

A six-pack there will only set you back $8.88 - but you will have to drive over there and get them, and they are much pricier if you don’t go to one of the “big box” home improvement stores… even WallyWold is high priced on these…

The closest Menards is 194 miles from me.

No deal here … bought elsewhere cheaper.

Road trip! :w_happy:

Hey kids!! Getcher shoes on! We’re going to MENARDS!

Maybe there’s a Cracker Barrel on the way? Them chicken fried steaks ain’t goin to eat themselves!

UPDATE: Coincidently, we ate lunch at Cracker Barrel today and I had Chicken Fried Steak (they call it Country Fried Steak) :wink:

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