Rust-Oleum Spray Paint 12-Ounce

If you buy just this item, plus shipping, it will cost more than what you would pay at home depot.

Bad Woot Bad. $3.87 at HD

10.99 list price! Lol… Just ridiculous.

Is this supposed to be a 6 pack or something?

Alas, no

I haven’t logged in to Woot to post a comment in FOREVER, but when I saw a list price of $10.99 for a can of this, I laughed so hard coffee sprayed out my nose. I had to say something.

I use this paint all the time, and this is a terrible deal for a single can. Make it a 6-pack and you’ve got a deal. Otherwise, just no.

BTW…great paint though…I use the flat matte or satin finishes for my stencil artwork, and it’s great stuff. Covers fast…high pressure for a fast spray.

Got price gouging? $10.99, I’d like to see where it costs $11 at. False advertising=no buy, goto Home Depot and get it today for cheaper!

Put down the pitchfork. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price doesn’t mean transaction price.

MSRP is $6.99 for this product, still false advertising. Try again!